2020 will be a year of engagement.

Every city department works for the betterment of the City of Roswell and the citizens of Roswell. We would like to see involvement from citizens in every service, event and project of the city.

As city manager, my priority is to listen to our community. A key tool to accomplish that would be productive public forums. The forums provide a platform for citizens to voice their concerns and feedback (which is necessary for city staff to know) in order to improve services and explore ideas for future growth and collaboration. These public forums also put citizens in direct contact with myself and city employees working on projects and services.

I want to see engagement from all sides. When an employee is at the Recreation and Aquatic Center developing recreation programs, I want them to be plugged into the needs of Roswell citizens and put a face to those programs. When a citizen is annoyed by a road project, I want them to know who is working on fixing their issue and understanding the challenges of the project.

Our communication will be as effective and accessible as possible so we are all “in the know” so together, as a community and civil servants, we can work toward a Roswell full of prosperity. The goal for 2020 will be to introduce smaller informal focus groups that can assist the City in assuring our services meet the expectations of the community.  The focus groups will bring the public together with staff and the City Council to tackle individual topics that are important to the City.

As a municipality, we also want to maintain and bring in high-level professionals who will take our services to a new level. We want to serve our community at the highest possible level. I know by appealing to highly qualified individuals that are willing to take on roles and positions with the city, we will see positive changes in how our systems run, and that positive change will permeate throughout the entire community.

We have some amazing projects we would like to see come to fruition in 2020. Among them are planning for a Public Safety Complex to better equip and house law enforcement agencies, firefighters and other emergency personnel and making new strides in economic development to bring in businesses and in turn, more families to Roswell. These goals are very achievable, but without engagement and involvement from everyone, they may not have the fullest possible positive impact on our community. When a community truly comes together, amazing results can be achieved.

Joe Neeb, City Manager | Roswell, NM