“When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life and only to the extent you are clear.”

Janet Bray Attwood & Chris Attwood
Authors of the Passion Test

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Do you remember that feeling you experienced? It felt like fear until you checked in and realized it was a surge of pure golden energy.

When we live our lives from a place of passion, we become accustomed to choosing (on purpose) the experiences, the people and the work we want to surround ourselves with.

This is what happened when I finally chose not only what I wanted to do but where I wanted to live while I experienced my passion at a level ten. Fast forward to Ruidoso New Mexico right in the cool pines of the Sacramento Mountains on the banks of the Rio Ruidoso. I discovered a less than appealing building that had been vacant for eleven years with a very large extended family of raccoons that had inhabited the attic.

Since optimism is my strong suit, I went about relocating the critters with the help of a local wildlife officer and began hazmat cleanup of the attic and an eight-month renovation on my little slice of heaven that became Sanctuary on the River Inspired Living Center.

There is something very healing about being next to the water. If it’s the ocean, a lake, a river, even a lovely backyard pool can inspire. Water is all about flow and allowing just as living our true passion will do for us once we commit wholeheartedly to it.

In the early stages of passionate commitment, you must understand the importance of when faced with choices that you ALWAYS choose in favor of your passions. Let’s face it, in our world (unless you live in a third world country) we are bombarded with an embarrassment of choices every day. This can confuse us and run our train right off the tracks before we know it. Simply ask the question, “Will this choice take me closer to or farther away from my place of passion-driven living?” When you make this you’re defining question, you will find that opportunities and people show up to support you in your journey seemingly by coincidence, when in fact it is because YOU are finally “showing up” for your passion path. Begin today!

The Passion Test:

Make a “List of your Passions,” 10 or more things. Think of those things that you love most, those that are most important to you, and are most critical to your happiness and well-being. Think about who you will be, what you will do, and what you will have when your life is “ideal.”

Number each passion and begin it with a verb that expresses how you are living life when your life is ideal.

Start with the sentence,
“My life is ideal when I am:”


  1. Living in a beautiful home in the mountains
  2. Writing successful mystery novels
  3. Becoming a concert pianist
  4. Enjoying perfect health with lots of energy, stamina, and vitality
  5. Having fun with everything I do
  6. Spending lots of quality time with my family
  7. Working with a supportive team of people who share my values
  8. Living with the perfect partner
  9. Traveling the world
  10. Living a calm, peaceful, nurturing life

Consider the areas of your life that you might be passionate about:

♦ Relationships
♦ Environment (Home and/or Work)
♦ Career
♦ Health
♦ Spirituality
♦ Fun/Recreation
♦ Service

As you prepare your initial list of passions, play full-out, no holding back. Include all your hopes, dreams, wishes…those that may remain from childhood or youth…those that may be in front of any “but’s” or “when’s” or “can’t because…” in your list-making process. Come from the premise that all resources are already in place for living your passions fully.

What you’re after here are your passions, not your goals. Passions are how you choose to live your life. Goals are achievements. Again, a passion is how you choose to live your life. A goal is something you aim to achieve. If you would like to experience the process of choosing your top five Passions and just how easy it is to effectively choose in favor of them, attend one of my Passion-Driven Living seminars or experience one-on-one coaching, contact me at www.PassionDrivenLiving.com or


Intention  ●  Attention  ●  No Tension

The formula for creating anything you choose to have in your life.

Consciously stating what you choose to create in your life is the first step to manifesting it. The “what” are your Passions.

Your life becomes like that on which you put your attention. Give attention to that which you choose to create, and it will begin to show up. Action engages attention. When you take action that action spontaneously engages your attention…i.e. your consciousness.

No tension
Surrender – let go – say, “This or something better.” When you are open to what is appearing in this moment, you allow a higher intelligence to move through you. When you hold tightly to your concepts of how things should be, you shut off the flow of life which in turn prevents you from enjoying the fulfillment of living your personal destiny.