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An Exterior shot of the Clary
       Sage Bed and Breakfast
       showcases the wrap around
       porch and curvilinear gable.

 If These Walls Could Talk

             like during their time as a resident at 312 N. Lea Ave.  stands out, the daughter-in-law of former owner, Keith. “It was
                                                                 really cool because she had been in the home while she was dating
             Original owner Elza White had the home built in 1914 after   him [Keith’s son], so she filled us in on some of the changes that
             his work for Texas Pacific brought him from the Sacramento   he[Keith] made that we had been guessing on,” explained Wiles.
             Mountain area to Roswell. White and his wife, Maude, decided to   Keith’s daughter-in-law pointed out that the remodeled and
             stay in Roswell and reared their two children, Mary and Elza Jr.,   expanded galley kitchen used to end at what is now the center
             in the home until 1936. White made a name for himself when he   island. The open space on the other side was a closed in porch
             drilled the first Artesian well in the Pecos Valley. He also managed   with a table where the help would eat. She recalled a hired woman
             the Grand Central and Selby Hotels in town and expanded his   who lived in the back house whose job was to help with the kids,
             ventures into ranching. His daughter, Mary, who served as the   cook and take care of other household chores. Since the home
             postmistress in Roswell, was also an integral part in starting the   was built in the time-period when larger estates often had help in
             first local chapter of the Girl Scouts. Her dedication to the Girl   the kitchen, it features a swinging door into the dining room for
             Scouts inspired White and Maude to donate land they owned in   meal service which works perfectly more than 100 years later for
             Mayhill to the organization in 1927, creating the first Girl Scout   Zumwalt to serve her homemade breakfasts to their guests, which
             camp in New Mexico, Camp Mary White.                Wiles dotes, “it is all delicious. She is an amazing cook!”
             Long after the White children were grown and off on their own,   Keith’s daughter-in-law answered more questions Zumwalt and
             the home was sold to Langford Keith, a building contractor   Wiles had about when improvements were done in the home and
             and the owner of Roswell Homes, Inc., who lived there with his   filled in some of the gaps in the timeline of the house. She was
             family for the next forty years. While I was touring the Clary   even able to solve the mystery as to why they found targets and
             Sage, Zumwalt and Wiles pointed out numerous times how well   shells in the attic, explaining that Keith and his son enjoyed guns
             taken care of it was by the former residents, especially having been   and would hold target practice in the attic. When Zumwalt and
             occupied by a professional home builder for so long.
                                                              PHOTO THIS PAGE - BELOW:  R. S. Hamilton Artesian Well drilled by Elza White on
                                                              Main Street in 1889. Courtesy of the HSSENM
             Zumwalt and Wiles entertain lots of guests, but one in particular

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