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An old photo of the house
                                                                                      built by Elza White. Courtesy
                                                                                      of the HSSENM

                 If These Walls Could Talk

                                                                                            by Molly Marley

           Today when you walk up to the stately home that sits at the corner of N. Lea
           Avenue and W. 4th, you are greeted by a sense of warmth even before you cross
           the 103-year-old threshold. Step foot onto the beautiful hardwoods in the

           entryway, and you will feel instantly at home, especially when you are greeted by
           the delightful smells of the season coming from the kitchen in the back. The white

           stucco home was one of the first houses in Roswell built in the California Mission
           Style and is now the location of the Clary Sage Bed and Breakfast.

           Owners, Janlee Zumwalt & Rick Wiles, who recently celebrated   While Wiles has a business background, the B&B world was new
           their first wedding anniversary, began looking at homes in Roswell   to him and he admits that he had never even stayed in one before;
           when Zumwalt first moved from Artesia to open her massage   however, Zumwalt knew that Roswell didn’t have anything like the
           business. “We knew we wanted an historical place in the historical   Clary Sage and once they purchased the home on N. Lea Ave. it
           area of Roswell,” notes Zumwalt, and Wiles points out that the   would be the perfect location to welcome Roswell visitors and locals
           Bed and Breakfast was Zumwalt’s brainchild. When asked her   alike. While hundreds of guests have laid their heads down for the
           inspiration, Zumwalt shares that she doesn’t even know the   night in the cozy guest rooms of the Clary Sage, Zumwalt and Wiles
           answer to that, but the idea to open a B&B just came to her one   like to think about the families who lived in the home before they
           day after she was inspired by the homes in the neighborhood.   bought it that are forever part of its history and what their lives were
      PHOTOS THIS PAGE - BELOW (FROM LEFT):  A plaque marks the address of the California Mission Style home. • Mary White, daughter of Elza and Maude White, was
      an integral part of bringing the Girl Scouts organization to Roswell and Camp Mary White, which was donated by her parents, is named after her. • Romantic
      floodlights light up the back patio at night.

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