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decorating, she wanted to stay true to the character of the home by   There’s no doubt. My brother painted a house for this lady in town
         incorporating a mix of modern comfort and antiques, including some   and she gave him that furniture, but she kept the two captain chairs
         treasures they inherited with the home. There is a charming, old   that go with that set. If you’ll look under the chairs they’re all tagged
         school desk that sits by the billiards table that Pitts told them had to   and numbered on every chair to match.’ And they were.”
         stay because it was there when he moved into the house. In the space
         that is now used for the reception area, Zumwalt went to polish a   Just like their dining set has connected Zumwalt, Wiles and their
         black screen that was left in front of the fireplace and discovered that   guests to the families that sat down to eat their meals on the same
         is was a beautiful copper underneath. Zumwalt and Wiles purchased   original wood before, their home at 312 N. Lea Ave. also connects
         most of the other antiques from the Roswell area, including the   them to the families and people who once called it home and are
         100-year-old dining set that looks like it was made for their space.   woven into Roswell’s history. Old homes will always have people
         Wiles goes on to share, “We had a fellow come in to help us do some   who come and go over the years, and only the walls know their whole
         work, and he said, ‘That furniture [dining set] was my brother’s.   story.
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