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Welcome to Yellowbrix!

Owners Dan and Barbara Rempel have been feeding the community of Carlsbad with delicious, authentic, and homemade food for years. Dan is a proud USMC Pilot Veteran and 30-year veteran pilot with Alaskan Airlines. His wife, Barbara is a language teacher in French & Spanish and also teaches Electrical, Computer and Semiconductor Engineering at NMSU & ASU.

Appetizer trio! 
Special appetizer seafood combo of sashimi tuna, beer-battered shrimp in a miso sauce with fried calamari.

The name YellowBrix came from the bricks of the building itself.  Built in 1928, the building’s unique lines of historical and architectural interest beckoned to Dan and Barbara. “In naming the business, we wanted the name of the establishment to reflect the building itself to create a landmark of sorts,” they explained.

The couple opened “a little coffee shop” in 2011, “we proceeded to roast our own beans and provide Carlsbad with best handcrafted coffee.” After months of encouragement and raving from the community, the coffee shop was converted into a full-service restaurant. YellowBrix provides exceptional service and a wide range of exquisite meals made from the best produce found locally and regionally.

The Chefs of YellowBrix

Executive Chef Navar Vidals has worked with YellowBrix for over 3 years. However, this wasn’t where he began his culinary career. Navar’s culinary skills began from home with his mom; “learning from the best,” he says. The love of culinary arts traveled with Navar from New York City back to New Mexico, where he and his family have proudly made Carlsbad their home.

Co-Chef Victor Garcia has also worked at YellowBrix for 3 years. Victor’s passion for cooking stemmed from childhood, where his love for the culinary world continued to grow. He carries over 40 years of vast culinary knowledge. In 1978, Victor traveled the United States where he has studied with top chefs mastering French, Italian, and Spanish cuisine.

Q&A with Executive Chef Navar & Co-Chef Victor of YellowBrix Restaurant

Focus: What is your favorite YellowBrix Dish?

Navar: I would say the YellowBrix house salmon stuffed with green chili and shrimp infused with lemon butter. It’s crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, with a spicy zest!

Victor: YellowBrix fettucine alfredo with green chili paired with perfectly grilled salmon.

Focus: What is most gratifying about being a chef at YellowBrix?

Navar: Definitely the people. In order for me or Victor to plan these wonderful meals, we need great vendors and staff to execute the perfect meal for you. Seeing the satisfaction and enjoyment from our locals and tourists from all over means the world to us. That in itself is enough to put a lasting smile on our faces!

Victor: The staff is very close, like a family. Anyone that comes in we treat like family. I enjoy working with Executive Chef Navar on our seasonal menu changes to come up with new and exciting ideas for our customers! Working closely and staying connected with our community is how you make YellowBrix your home.

Focus: What are some inside details about YellowBrix menu and food that the public doesn’t know?

Navar: We use the best ingredients New Mexico has to offer. We keep local traditions while adding a colorful zest of flavors to already loved meals. Everything is home-made, including dressings, gravy, and sauces.  Even our steaks are cut in-house. Our portion sizes are made to fill!

“We have an outstanding wine and craft beer selection, sporting over 50 premium wines in our subterranean wine cellar.  We have been told by many customers that our wine selection is one of the best in southern New Mexico.”

Focus: What’s the anticipated menu for YellowBrix this summer?

Navar: This summer we are going to have a new and exciting assortment of steaks. Hand crafted, each and every one will be bursting with flavor and tenderness. You won’t find these steaks anywhere else!

Victor: We will have a variation of salads on the menu this summer. We’ll be working closely with local produce farmers to bring our customers the freshest ingredients and vibrant blends of Southeastern, Mediterranean flavors, and more.

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Article originally published in Focus on Carlsbad 2020 Spring edition.