Meet the members of the Carlsbad Medical Center Hospital Auxiliary, sometimes called the “Pink Ladies,” but that’s not 100% accurate, since a few of them are guys.

The store at Carlsbad Medical Center raises funds for the Auxiliary’s annual scholarship program.

Carlsbad has about 25 Auxiliary members, including two male participants. They’d love to have a few more join them. In addition to the support they offer around Carlsbad Medical Center, the group also meets monthly and offers annual scholarships to local nursing and medical students.

Cathy Hibbs, Chief Executive Officer of Carlsbad Medical Center, said the hospital has more than 50 volunteers who contribute more than 6,000 hours of service each year. That number includes auxiliary members and chaplains.

“As I walk the halls of Carlsbad Medical Center, I am regularly struck by the consistent presence and contributions of our hospital volunteers,” Hibbs noted. “They are members of our community who give freely of their time and talents and are a vital part of our patient care team.”

Auxiliary members present scholarships to NMSU-C graduates. Pictures, from left to right, are: Auxiliary president Signe Henderson, Todd Housewright, Taylor Barela, Kyliegh Yerby, Kaila Mallett,Brandie Villa,Elisa Wilson and Michele Oliver

Hospital Auxiliaries have a long tradition and are present at most hospitals, including Artesia General.  Volunteers greet patients and visitors who arrive at the hospital, answer phones and run the hospital gift shop, which serves as a fundraiser. Some volunteers enjoy delivering newspapers to patients around the hospital.

It’s a volunteer position that can take up a significant amount of time. It’s not unheard of for a dedicated volunteer to work an 8 or 9 hour day. Norma Kelley said she became a volunteer after losing her husband and wanting to get involved. Of course, members of the Carlsbad Medical Center Auxiliary all say that they love helping people and making a difference. They are honored every year with a special dinner during National Volunteer Week, but the true treasure comes from making a potentially stressful visit to the hospital just a little bit easier on visitors.