Thank you for the opportunity to discuss Carlsbad’s vision for 2020.  2019 was a critical year for the City of Carlsbad, as we made significant progress on issues related to housing, infrastructure, roads, and community cleanup.

While there is a lot of work left to do, we believe the foundation is solid as we continue to address key issues related to Carlsbad’s rapid growth.

Our vision for 2020 is of a community that is addressing its historic population surge by:

  • Supporting our first responders by making sure they have the proper resources and staffing.
  • Implementing our Short Term and Long Term plans and working with private industry and the Permian Strategic Partnership to increase the number of single-family homes and apartments being constructed in Carlsbad.
  • Maintaining an ambitious agenda in terms of road improvement within the City of Carlsbad and advocating for improvements outside of City limits such as Highways 285 and 31, as well as a loop road around all of Carlsbad.
  • Working closely with Eddy County to address issues related to cleanup and code enforcement.
  • Continuing to make quality of life issues a priority for our citizens, both new and old, by making improvements to parks, playgrounds and community facilities around town such as our senior centers.
  • Maintaining oversight of the state’s remediation of the South Y Brine Well.
  • Maintaining a business-friendly environment and working with the Carlsbad Department of Development and Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce to attract more retail and restaurant options.

The City of Carlsbad is at the epicenter of a shale revolution which has allowed our nation to achieve energy independence and our state to record its highest budget surplus. The City of Carlsbad is ready to meet the challenges regarding continued growth in this community and welcomes the continued opportunities offered.

Dale W. Janway, Mayor | Carlsbad, NM