Making back-to-school fun and memorable doesn’t have to mean hours of work, loads of money, or even tons of creativity. We compiled a list of fun, affordable, easy ways to make going back to school a little more fun!

Fashion Show

We love this idea from Eighteen25! Have your kids put on a fashion show with their new back-to-school outfits. You can invite friends or cousins or neighborhood kids over as well, make an easy dinner and  then send the kids to the “dressing rooms” to try on their outfits as the adults find a seat along the “runway.” Each kid struts down the runway to show off their new outfits.


Kid Dates

Take each of your kids on a “kid date” before school starts. Eat at his favorite restaurant, go to a show she’s been wanting to see, go on a picnic. Do it now before schedules get too hectic!


School Year Mission Statement

This idea came from a mom at Dandee Designs. Before the school year starts, choose a mission statement and set goals as a family. A phrase such as “Be Brave” is simple, yet impactful. It’s a perfect reminder and encourager to try something new, resist negative peer pressure, or even reach out to the new kid.


Create a Back-To-School Binder

Grab a three-ring binder, some sheet protectors, and dividers to make a creative binder that will help keep you and your kids organized this school year. Thirty Handmade Days created a list of free printables that make it easy to section off the binder into homework, artwork, grades, and a calendar.


First Day of School Pictures

Use a cute sign or even use sidewalk chalk to create a first-day-of-school photo each year. The creative minds at Taking Care of Monkey Business offer some cute, free printables that can be added to an 8×10 frame from Dollar Tree or Walmart for a cheap, easy photo prop.


Sweet Treat

Make a back-to-school sweet treat to have waiting on the school kids when they get home from their first day. Try out the Big Cookie recipe, courtesy of the folks at How Does She, in the next article! It’s sure to be a hit