Between busy schedules and all the obligations that come with adulthood, making some time for totally pointless fun and relaxation is so important!

Perhaps it’s a boat ride down the river or a drive up to the lookout to admire the glimmering lights of the city. Maybe it’s learning to play an instrument, baking your favorite dessert, or building a Lego set with your kiddo. There is a special kind of magic in the time it takes to create something knowing you’re unplugged from the rest of the world for a little while.

I know that many people do not consider themselves artists, or even creative. However, I truly believe all of us are creators, even if we do not feel that way! Creativity can come in the way you decorate your home or in writing a letter to a friend. When you dive into something creative, it triggers your brain to tune out the noise, allowing the opportunity to explore your personal beliefs and deepen your understanding of this great mysterious thing we all know as life.

In a time of messy politics and media that strives to divide, creative arts unite.

Art has the power to tell a community’s shared story and form connections despite our differences. In this edition of Focus on Carlsbad, we are highlighting the local faces and places that make up our creative community. Writers, painters, photographers, graphic designers, dance, and drama… their talent leads to a greater understanding of our cultural values, tradition, and history.

I was truly amazed by the talent and creative culture in Carlsbad. As you read through, I hope you take some time to appreciate the beauty of our community and that you are inspired to write, design, or create something of your own.

Take care,

Jessica Addington, Editorial Director

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Article originally published in Focus on Carlsbad 2020 Summer edition.