In this issue of Focus on Carlsbad, we are highlighting people in the community who have redefined their life’s purpose or chased a dream.

The ‘Second Act’ is generally associated with those individuals who pursue a new career later in life, typically after retirement. However, as I began digging into this theme, I realized this idea of a second act goes far beyond the boundaries of age or any other limiting beliefs placed by society. The beauty of a second act is the realization that we are not done becoming who we are – we are all constant works in progress.

As you read, you’ll find stories of those who recognized the opportunity in their passions and talents to take a leap of faith into a new career. For others, it is realized as they grasp to a new purpose after many years of life experience. A special thank you to Brad Carlsen, J.W. Sutphin, and Carla Combs for allowing us to share their stories. Whether they’re working hard to be a better person or chasing a dream, these individuals serve as a testament to the opportunity of a second act. While it may not come easy, we all have the opportunity to turn the page and the freedom to create the life we have always dreamed of having. Regardless of the specific circumstances, every second act story has an underlying theme of integrity, ambition, and bravery.

This idea of the ‘Second Act’ comes at coincidental timing for the editorial staff here at Focus Magazine.  When our team gathered to discuss the upcoming issues of Focus, our editorial director, Staci Guy let us know that she would be stepping back from her title with the magazine. Working alongside Staci was an honor and privilege; she is an amazing writer and her passion for telling the stories of our community members is something we will all miss.

Needless to say, our team has really stepped up to get this magazine on stands. We all shuffled responsibilities and took on a new list of tasks that felt a little intimidating. What a blessing it was to collect story after story of renewal, reinvention, and personal growth. In reading through these second act experiences, I was inspired to take on this new phase with the integrity, ambition, and bravery found in their stories.

I truly believe in the saying, “Courage is Contagious.” These stories are a reminder that every day we wake up with a second chance. I hope you are inspired to face them courageously and with purpose. Even if you haven’t tapped into this big idea of what your purpose is, I hope you let the stories move you to simply help someone in need, seek a new challenge, or finally start that side biz. The reality is that it’s not one huge step that will change your life, it’s the little steps you take again and again.

Best Regards,
Jessica Addington, Editorial Director