We’ve covered a lot of topics during the seven years we’ve been in print, from dirty jobs and education to the outdoors and Veterans. We figured it’s high time, then, for us to pay homage to the very folks that make all of these things possible — moms and dads!
In this issue of Focus on Carlsbad, Moms and Dads take center stage. We could not possibly cover everything related to being a parent, so instead we chose to highlight a few specific stories relating to fatherhood, motherhood, and family’s love and determination.

Freelance writer Lance Crenshaw grew up without a father figure in his home, which impacted his life in countless ways. In his piece about fatherhood, which you can read on page 12, he takes us through some of those struggles and shows us that it is possible to take a tough situation and use it to create something wonderful.

We included another story on the topic of fatherhood titled “A Father’s Legacy,” in which we take a step back in time and see how one man got started in the tire business and managed to build a tire empire that still supports his family today, more than 75 years later.

On the motherhood side of things, you can read about “The Logic That Motivates A Mother” and see if perhaps you can relate with having a “mean” mom! To help paint a complete picture, I included a picture of my “mean” mom, Debbie, my younger sister, Erin, and me circa 1985, as well as a more recent picture of the three of us. Truth be told, I couldn’t be more grateful for my “mean” mom and the impact she’s had on my life! I would not be the woman I am today if not for her.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure and read all about the Rogers family and the unique ways in which one mother dedicated her life to caring for her ill daughter, and how a father was determined to help his ill daughter stay alive, even if it meant going to the ends of the world.

We peppered this issue with quotes about moms and dads, funny “dad” sayings, mushy things moms say, and pictures of parents with their children. It was a fun issue to put together and we hope you all enjoy reading through it as much we did putting it together.


Best Wishes,

Staci Guy, Editorial Director