We asked and you replied! Two winners were selected to receive four tickets each to the Carlsbad Water Park. Check out all the great things our readers had to say on our Facebook page about loving life in Carlsbad!


We moved here 25 years ago and can’t imagine living anywhere else! We’ve been blessed to raise two kids here and go through our amazing school system. I’m blessed to work for the same school system! We love all the outdoor activities in town and outside of town. To live next to two national parks, a state park, and a national forest is amazing! Life is always great here!

Lori Billeck Mitchell

I love that in Carlsbad the trash service comes twice a week and picks up your big stuff with a phone call!

2. I love that the people of this town help those who are in need – Not just on Christmas and Thanksgiving…. but all year round!

3. I love that this town is full of people like Mary Garwood who makes sure our town stays beautiful!

4. I love that this town has thought about its youth and makes an effort to provide them with activities all year long!

Deborah Edeal

Honorable Mentions

Tina Kitchens: I grew up here so I have many wonderful memories of my childhood. Even though I moved away for 8 years after I graduated, I knew when I had my first born child that this is exactly where I wanted to raise my kids and we came ‘home’! Carlsbad has so many amazing places to visit close by and also several things to do around town. We have good schools and an awesome church home. We also have family here plus childhood friends as well as the many friends we’ve made along the way. My kids enjoy all of the family oriented things they get to do and see throughout every year. My hometown has grown quite considerably and I look forward to spending many more wonderful and fun-filled years here. Making lasting memories comes easy in a town that provides so many things to experience!

Shelby Delozier: I love all the outdoor activities …  my family is outdoors, no cable, no dish, no game systems, love the river, fishing, zoo, parks, and riding our motorcycles in the events to honor the fallen.

Gayle Ghimire: I agree with Jessica Chilcutt…small town, when you’re down the community helps. Lots of love and support…

Lisa Cartwright: One part of Carlsbad that I love is the beach park and all the wonderful things to keep you occupied around it. Just that area includes so many activities for people of all ages to do. In the summer you can find families enjoying a picnic, boating, swimming, walking, and enjoying one of our many playgrounds, splash pad or our wonderful water park. The park also is home to our free summer lunches during the summer. It’s always a nice thing to take the kids down and eat under the trees during a warm summer day. Different town events take place at the park, as well, during the year. Just a few that comes to mind are walkathons, car shows, fall carnivals, our wonderful Fourth of July celebration and so many more. These are just a few reasons that the beach park is my favorite part of living in Carlsbad.

Jessica Chilcutt: I love that it’s a small town and everyone knows and looks out for one another. I also love that it’s where I got to start my family!

Bess Rusk: Carlsbad born and bred! My husband and I were Cavemen, my son and daughter were Cavemen and now my grandson is making his way up the hill! 💙 #alwaysourhome

Marissa Mendoza It’s home! Born and raised Carlsbad Resident here. I love the rivers and parks we have and love that I get to raise my children here as well!

Kelsey Garza: Family!! Friends!! Home!! Work!! Everything about us is Carlsbad. We love our town and would NOT live anywhere else!!!

Kaylie Gilcrease: Memories. I lived here my entire life. I am now raising my son here. This is home. My favorite time of the year in Carlsbad is the Fourth of July. This town definitely knows how to celebrate!! ❤❤❤

Jerikka Martinez: I like Carlsbad schools! I have 2 children who attended different schools. The teachers really do care and go above and beyond! For Carlsbad being so busy at the moment, I think the teachers do a heck of a job with loaded classrooms.

Doug Sullivan: Because it’s where I grew up and it will always be my home town, even though I moved away almost 30 yrs. ago.

Angela Hutchins: I’ve been here for 14 years and what I love about Carlsbad is that when something bad happens the whole community comes together to help. I lost my husband in 2005 when I moved here and knew no one. This community rallied around me like they had known me forever. Perfect strangers that became lifelong friends. Carlsbad will always hold a special place in my heart!

Ruthie Preston Porter: I am not from here. My husband and I moved here 18 years ago. We were instantly welcomed into the community.  The people of Carlsbad are her greatest assets. They made us feel like we had lived here our entire lives.

Mandy Salmon-Chavez: The water park 😁

Article originally published in Focus on Carlsbad 2019: Summer Edition.