Collaboration is key to our vision for the future of Carlsbad!  

Carlsbad MainStreet, Creative Carlsbad and the city of Carlsbad have been collaborating for years in the revitalization and development of our downtown district. In 2018 we successfully applied to become a designated Arts and Culture District. (Pearl of the Pecos Arts and Culture District)

Together, we have established downtown Carlsbad as a mecca for cultural and creative experiences by day and an entertainment district by night. Currently, we are working with local artists and our “Murals on the Electric Boxes.” There are 6 electric boxes in our district that are less than beautiful. The project was part of the Carlsbad MainStreet annual work plan, with the addition of the Peal of the Pecos director we have been able to complete one electrical box and the second electric box is being painted.

Successful collaborations have resulted in the economic revitalization of Carlsbad’s historic structures, cultural centers and art centers including the Halagueno Arts Park, Murals on the Electric Boxes, the repurposing the Internal Order of the Odd Fellows building, the Cavern Theatre Rehabilitation Project and the Gazebo on the Courthouse Lawn.

Creative and Cultural Tourism is a vibrant part of Southeastern New Mexico’s economy. Within the district Creative Carlsbad, Pearl of the Pecos, Carlsbad MainStreet and the City of Carlsbad hosts a multitude of activities. Residents of Carlsbad, as well as tourists, find unique experiences throughout the district, this creates a more cohesive connection to our town. The center point of our activities is hosted at the Halagueno Arts Park (HAP) and the Eddy County Courthouse lawn. Both places are wonderful venues for activities. Winter, spring, summer and fall you’ll find something for everyone. Movies and Music in the park, Chalk Art Contest, CavernFest, Carlsbad Downtown Farmers’ Market, HeritageFest, Fall Festival, Night of Lights, Electric Light Parade, Small Business Saturday.

Carlsbad, New Mexico is strategically located near the Carlsbad Caverns National Park as well as the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Brantley Lake State Park, and Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. Carlsbad is also home to the Pecos River Recreational Area (which includes swimming, pedal boating, boat tours and fishing), Carlsbad Water Park and Carlsbad Municipal Golf Course. The city also boasts 34 neighborhood parks and recreational areas. Residents of Carlsbad, as well as tourists, find unique experiences throughout the district, enticing prolonged stays and visits in our community.

Carlsbad MainStreet and Pearl of the Pecos Arts and Culture District plan to continue our endeavors, focusing on economic vitality, quality of life and preservation of our history. Our vision for the future is to continue building relationships within our city, our county and surrounding communities.

Karla Hamel, Executive Director | Carlsbad MainStreet

Julie Chester, Executive Director | Carlsbad Arts & Cultural District