February might be the shortest month of the year, but on the ranch it’s an exciting time when the cattle herd begin calving. No matter how many cows you have seen, their newborn calves are always an adorable sight in the pasture. You might think all cattle look the same, but this year, we welcomed some new redheads; our first Akaushi calves.

A mother looks on as her calf rests in the pasture.


Akaushi is one of four Japanese cattle breeds that collectively make up Wagyu beef. Wagyu is one of the latest crazes in the restaurant industry since it is top of the line beef produced by top of the line cattle. The Akaushi genetics have been perfected over the last 100 years to create a uniform and consistent breed.

Wagyu beef is favored for its ideal marbling and flavor.

The breed has distinctly red hides as opposed to the black angus that is predominantly raised in the Roswell area and did not even come to the United States until a little over 20 years ago. Every year, more and more Akaushi bulls are being purchased by American ranches and bred with the existing cattle herd to produce a better calf. We look forward to watching this group of calves grow and flourish in Roswell. Look out for more baby updates as we continue to welcome the rest of the calves and lamb crop this spring!

A newborn calf nestled in the pasture. Some feature the black hide color from their mother.