In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share the story of how I met my own valentine and fellow horned frog, Taylor. TCU is a relatively small school where everybody knows everybody, especially if you are involved in Greek life or other student organizations. However, the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and Phi Gamma Delta fraternity rarely had social events together and the Ranch Management majors did not tend to find themselves on the other side of campus in the art building. Despite being in the same graduating class for all four years, Taylor and I never crossed paths until after graduation when our roommates got married.

(Left to right): Todd, Grace, Ryan, Hunter, Me and Taylor at a Texas Rangers game in 2012.

You’re probably wondering how it’s possible we never met if our roommates were dating, but that’s how it happened. I lived across the hall from Grace in the Kappa house when she started dating Todd. He was always welcome around the house and our group of girlfriends often went to parties hosted by his fraternity. The next year Grace and I shared a house together off campus and with Todd around, I got to know several of his friends and roommates. It wasn’t until the next year when Grace took an officer position in our sorority that required to move back into the Kappa house that Todd and Taylor became roommates.

Bridesmaids with the beautiful bride before the ceremony.

I heard Taylor’s name occasionally and stories of Todd’s cowboy roommate who did this sport called Cowboy Mounted Shooting (more on that in another post), but anytime we got together with that group of boys, Taylor always seemed to be out of town for a shoot. Fast forward to after graduation and I am a bridesmaid in Grace and Todd’s New Years Eve wedding. Being single at the time, I went with my friend Ryan, our sorority sister and fellow bridesmaid. Ryan and I couldn’t wait to celebrate this wonderful couple, especially since Grace was our first girlfriend to get married.

Group photo from the rehearsal dinner.

The rehearsal dinner was a bit of a blur with so many toasts and catching up with friends. The next morning, Ryan and I went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast when we ran into two guys who were also in the wedding party; Hunter, one of Todd’s roommates that I knew in college and who Ryan had hit it off with the night before, and Taylor. We sat together to eat and discuss how fun the night before was before we had to leave to get ready. At the reception we got to visit more with Taylor and Hunter, dancing the night away until midnight when Taylor asked if he could give me a New Year’s kiss.

Wedding photo taken just before midnight. I am on the far left and Taylor is peeking through next to me wearing the sombrero.

The rest is history. Back in Fort Worth we went on our first official date the next day, realizing we only lived a street over from each other. I’m still not sure how we never met before, but it is probably for the best. We will celebrate our 7th Valentine’s Day together this week and next year will watch Ryan and Hunter tie the knot. The union of one couple spurred two more and it is fun to look back at how when Ryan and I put our bridesmaids dresses on and got ready that day, we’d already had our first double date with our husbands that morning.

With Ryan and Hunter on a visit to New Mexico in 2012.