There are inspirational women throughout history, cultural icons like Rosie the Riveter reminding us “We can do it!” Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa, Amelia Earhart, Maya Angelou… honestly, I could go on for days.

These famous females challenged the assumptions of a woman’s capabilities and paved the way for generations to follow. The stories of these well-known women can be found with a simple Google search, but what about the inspiring females in our very own community? In this special edition of Focus on Artesia, we are celebrating our hometown sheroes.

Shero (Blend of she +‎ hero): a woman admired for her courage, outstanding achievements, or moral qualities

Resilient. Intentional. Passionate. Creative. Kind. Strong. Authentic. Faithful. Bold.

Beyond age, ethnicity, or any achievement, I am inspired by people’s hearts. Acknowledging the common character and moral qualities of these incredible women is what will truly inspire.

If I’m being honest, this issue got me right in the feelers. As a mom to three girls, it is such a wonderful anthology of the type of women I hope for them to look up to. Meeting these ladies, hearing their stories, sharing them with you; there is still so much good to be found when we look around our community.

I sat at the table with so many amazing people; business owners, authors, creators, educators, and visited the homes of some of Artesia’s early influencers. The opportunity to be in their presence and gain a bit of their wisdom is such an honor. Their stories are a reminder that true impact is made when a person shows courage, integrity, and stands firm in their faith.

In addition to the local features, we have included some helpful resources for you to become a positive presence and inspiration to others. Be sure to check out how Artesia native, Lindsay Davenport, is Finding Balance as a stay at home mom and successful entrepreneur. Morgan’s Self-Care 101 includes some creative ways to maintain mental, emotional, and physical health. We also sprinkled in the sweetest letters from community members celebrating the inspiring women in their lives.

I’ve come to accept that dedicating an entire magazine to the empowering and inspirational females in our community may skew our reader demographic slightly. To anyone who thinks this special edition is not for them, let this be a reminder to us all- We have been learning from women our whole lives.

As you read through this edition, it is my hope that you will gain some inspiration and are reminded of your own potential. I hope you feel compelled to reach out to the inspiring females you know and tell them thank you. Moms, grandmas, teachers, sisters, friends— take some time to focus on the powerful female role models in your life.

Warm wishes for Spring!
Jessica Addington, Editorial Director

About the Editor
Jessica Addington is the editorial director of Focus on Artesia.
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