Meet Lindsay!

She is an Artesia native, NMSU Alumni, and now successful photographer and educator in Dallas, TX. In her bio you’ll get a sense of her genuine personality and passion for people. Her story is naturally inspiring: she shows up for her family and excels as a business owner. Lindsay’s approach to navigating life as a mom, wife, friend, and entrepreneur offers a dose of inspiration for those of us trying to balance all the things.

Texas city-life may be the background in my photos and the current home of my family, but my heart and inspiration originated in New Mexico. My name is Lindsay (formerly Dungan) Davenport, and I am a Dallas-based wedding photographer and educator who takes a little coffee with my creamer (nowadays, make that two cups please!) and thrives from meeting and photographing new clients. More importantly, I’m a wife to Jordan, an ICU nurse, and a mom to two kiddos (hence the 2 cups of coffee), Luke who’s 3 years old and Aubrey who’s 10 months. Family and photography: my two loves that intersect and stir up gratefulness in my heart!

I was born and raised in Artesia, and I graduated from New Mexico State University in 2015. While I was surprised by the pathway to a career in photography, I was always the girl with a camera in her hand growing up. My passion for photography began when I’d drive down Haldeman Road with my windows down, listening to music and finding so much beauty in the farmland. I’d bring along my camera and snap away. In the years to come, I captured my beautiful commute through Cloudcroft on my way to Las Cruces, the Organ Mountains, and everything in between. It wasn’t until I photographed my first engagement session of two love-struck people that I realized I’d fallen in love myself–fallen in love with the art of capturing pure joy and emotion. It lit a fire underneath me. Mountains and pretty flowers weren’t the only subjects that made my heart pound faster; it was the ability to capture memories while creating relationships that made it overflow with joy and purpose.

I started my photography career while I was in graduate school for speech-language pathology. What started out as a hobby, turned into a passion after I photographed that sweet, engaged couple (the bride actually being an Artesia-native, as well)! It led me to teach myself photography via YouTube videos, blogs, and trial and error while simultaneously earning my master’s degree.

I feel humbled and grateful to call photography my career because it has been a blessing in more ways I can count. I feel as though it was meant to be because I never would have written this script as my story. My dream career was to be a photographer, but I wouldn’t have allowed myself to pursue it. With doors opening, family believing in me, hard work and an undeniable passion to continue pursuing what made my heart beat faster, I became a photographer and online educator.

I worked as a speech-language pathologist for one year in the schools in Richardson, TX upon graduating, and I loved it. It was an amazing career, and I adored working with children. It was hard to leave a good thing–obviously. It was bittersweet for me to choose to go full-time as a photographer, but it was clear that the doors were opening. My desire was to pursue my dream of being a photographer and educating others on this wonderful, flexible, and fulfilling career. It’s been an incredible way to serve other couples and families during one of the most pivotal moments of their lives. The timing worked out perfectly once I decided to go full time because we found out we’d be welcoming our first child that coming year in December.

It’s my dream:
to pursue my dream as an entrepreneur serving people while simultaneously raising a family that I adore.

Luke was born in December 2016 right before Christmas. Talk about watching your heart beat outside your body, right? Wow–what a gift! I adore being a mommy. I feel humbled and grateful that I am assigned to nurture and love not only Luke, but now Aubrey too. If you haven’t already noticed, I am absolutely a “feeler”. Even knowing that beforehand, I had no idea how big my heart and “feels” could grow after having children. So, in December of 2016, I now had two assignments, two gifts, two loves, two jobs!

I currently still do, and I love them both. However, this flexible, creative, fun career has its challenges, as well. I am a mama, and I am an entrepreneur. I work from home, yet I also work outside my home. I am a “stay at home mom” from some angles, yet I am a “working mom” from others. I am this hybrid-oftentimes-misunderstood-entrepreneur who has had to work really hard to be intentional with my time, with my boundaries, and with my goals. My children are so important to me, yet I also see the talents God has given me in which to bless others. It can be a challenging balancing act, but it feels so purposeful to achieve that beautiful balance between both.

I’ve had to learn from trial and error, from wise women who’ve walked before me, and from my own convictions on how I want to run my business while pursuing my dreams as a photographer. Everyone’s needs, desires, seasons, assignments, and convictions are different, and that is completely okay. I have experienced what I would personally define as “success” in balancing being a mom and an entrepreneur and seasons that I’d define in the exact opposite (with a lot of grace!).

Artesia truly gave me such a beautiful foundation, the genesis of my love for photography and people, and a supportive community along the way. It’s such a beautiful gift to navigate my challenging, yet amazing, jobs photographing wedding couples and educating burgeoning photographers while being a mommy. I may be Dallas-based now, but I will always have gratitude and a special place in my heart for southeastern New Mexico (and green chile!).

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Getting Practical

When I separated rather than blurred the lines of being a mom and a photographer, it allowed me to be 100% mom when I was with my children, and it gave me the ability to be 100% entrepreneur when I was away.

  • I set work hours that I tried to stick to.
  • I left the house at times to work from coffee shops.
  • I utilized my planner to the max – even planning dates and intentional time with my kids. 
  • Staying in MY lane, keeping my eyes on MY garden that I’m tending and extending much grace to myself as I navigate this beautiful dream and opportunity of mine.

Article originally published in Focus on Artesia 2020 Spring edition.