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I moved here about 5 years ago and I have never felt more welcome in a town. Everyone welcomes us with open arms, schools have been absolutely fabulous for my children. We have our very own Artesia Family and I couldn’t be more blessed. Artesia will now be our Forever Home just simple because of the way we have been treated here. God Bless this small, yet amazing town!

Cassie Smith

Because no matter where we wonder off to or how far we move, when we come here it feels like home. A place where everyone greets you by your first name, asks you how you’ve been, how your family is, and most importantly, never forgets you and is willing to come together as a community in times of tragedy or to support our youth.

Whitney Speir

I Love Artesia and local people they all have been good to our community one way or another. I always volunteer for different programs, organizations and everyone gets involved in school events and helps out the youth and senior citizens. We all are good people, very friendly and supportive in one way or another. Love our churches , schools, friends .My Husband and I are proud of our hometown bulldog pride . We all mourn together and celebrate together support each other. Friendliest people and earth Angel’s. Thank you everyone.

Lola Chavarria

Honorable Mentions!

Sandra Mtz: I love this town where I was raised to be a bulldog and now my kids will be too

Stormi Ramirez: I love Artesia because it is home.

Priscilla Lafferry: I love this town for the support they show one another and the love they have for kids and youth!

Amber Klontz: My husband and I were born and raised here and knew we had to come back to raise our kiddos in this amazing small town!

Amanda Kinnibrugh: This little town of ours is amazing, with the great people we have here to everyone being able to pull together when someone in the community is in need of help. This town is more like family and I’m glad I have Artesia to call my home!

Michelle Miles-Harman: It’s a place that you’re proud to call home. We have the most giving and loyal community I’ve ever seen. Artesia is about family and togetherness. Everyone supports everyone – we have set the standard high for what a community should be. I love this town and way of life. Proud Artesian and of course a Bulldog fan for life!

BeccaJera Luevano: Artesia may not be a big town but its growing. We might not know each other but we will support and love one another. Artesia has a Title and reputation that we are proud to uphold♡ Great place to raise kids of our future. We have great churches in our small community and the most awesome pastors that go out and beyond for us specially our kids♡ it is an honor to be a bulldog and we cant forget to Thank all police officers, emts, firefighters whom help keep us safe ♡ in our tiny town. I am born and raised an Artesian I say it loud I say it proud ♡♡♡

Ana Navarrette: I have lived here all my life and what I love about Artesia is it’s all about our kids. Whether its school mill levy’s, scholarship or whatever it’s always about the kids /students. You go to any kind of event whether sports, band, FFA, or choir Artesia supports them. No other town close to what Artesia is. ❤

Jennifer Campanella-Mendoza: I love Artesia principles .. hard work and loyalty. You can see it through our industries and our game days ! Everyone may not get along but at the end of the day we support a common cause. Main focus the kids … Last but not least. The smell .. People who are not from here can’t stand it .. I drive in from being gone and I smell home

Lujan Victor: I Love Artesia because everyone is friendly and when there is a family in need the community always goes out of there way to help out. Now thats what Love is being supportive for each other.

Kristen Collins: Artesia has been my home since the day I was born. It’s very family oriented and all the people we know and love have been there for us through the years. There is nothing to big or to small that this community cant handle. It’s small and peaceful and respected by all. I love this community and everyone in it and I’m proud to raise my kids here.

Emily Dunnahoo: Because it is a community. Everyone celebrates, mourns, and pulls together for “strangers”. People here truly love and care for each other. It also makes it even better when there are so many churches and Christians pulling together, even when they aren’t the same denomination. People just care.

DonnaLeon Hendrix: Small town friendly and lived here all my life it’s home

Delilah Flores: I love that are community always pulls together when there is a family in need

Jessica Idoy: It may be a little hectic with crime sometimes but it’s always home. Even if you leave and come back, it doesn’t feel intimidating. Also, everyone is so supportive of each other!

Gracie Lopez: It’s always been home!

Article originally published in Focus on Artesia 2019: Summer Edition.