“When you have lived and worked here as long as I have, you invest yourself into those around you. I am proud to invest myself back into our community.”

Gayla Ivy, Owner

Does your business have a mission statement?

I was raised by and live by a simple business motto, “provide exceptional customer service.” For 2 generations, we have offered our small town of Artesia with nostalgic and unique products for purchase. B&B Newsstand is a local landmark and a true cornerstone in Artesia’s history.

How long have you been in business? Please share a brief history.

We are celebrating our 50th year in business! The original owners (my parents) Bill and Bernell opened their doors in 1970 and raised our family working the store on the weekends. The name “B&B” stands for Bill & Bernell, but if you asked my parents B&B stands for “Beauty & the Beast” as the inside joke continues generation to generation.

At one point, we held over 3,000 magazine subscriptions, with thousands of books. As times change, we have adjusted our product line to suit everyone’s interest. I love that we offer such distinctive, fun products to our customers– things that can be physically felt, cherished, and passed down to generations; items that take us away from the easily accessed chaos of the web and reminds us of a simpler time.

What makes your business unique?

B&B Newsstand goes beyond the typical “newsstand” and remains stocked with a variety of unique items. From board games to books, comics, candles, dart boards, and all sorts of knick-knacks, our rare and interesting product lines help keep the gift giving fun and personal. We also offer cold refreshments and our fluffy ice has granted us the title as the best fountain drinks in town.

What aspect of this business are you most passionate about?

The customers, without a doubt. I strive to keep my business personal. I know most of our customers by name and I love to listen to their stories; you can learn so much about someone when you simply make time. My regular customers can call me with five minutes notice and ask for anything in my store, and I will meet them outside with curbside service. I feel this is what our customer deserves, only the best.

How do you feel your business has influenced the Community?

We are more than just business, we are Community. For decades, the oilmen and ranchers would gather at 5 am around what we called the “Round Table.” There were stories shared, lives blended, friends became family over a pot of coffee. We strive to continue the same type of fellowship in our community by offering a place to sit at the round table – come and see us!

Article originally published in Focus on Artesia 2020 Spring edition.