Being a lifelong Lea County resident with deep roots in both the oilfield and the ranching industry, I believe I have a unique perspective on Lea County.


After serving on the Lea County Fair board for eight years, I was approached to run for the District 1 County Commissioner position. After careful consideration I declared my intention to run for the position in November, 2015.

Lea County is the jewel of New Mexico, and being in a leadership role is truly an honor. From a dusty little ranching county into a true metropolis of ranching, farming and energy independence, it is a testament to the fortitude of our founders.

I hope and pray that I may be able to help the county grow and prosper during my time serving the citizens of Lea County. Too often in recent history politicians have forgotten who they work for, locally and nationally. It is my intention to actually serve the citizens of Lea County. As I stated during my campaign, my cell number is 575-441-6031; call me anytime with your concerns, and together we will make Lea County great for all residents.

All residents of this great county should be concerned about our water situation, because without water there will not be a 200-year or even a 150-year celebration of Lea County.

The founders of Lea County knew this, and I believe if they saw what was being done to preserve this commodity they would be proud. I hope we will be able to come together as we always have for the benefit of our chosen home, the Staked Plains.

Regardless of whether your place on the timetable is 1917 or 2017, we can all agree that Lea County is a gem in the desert.