It has been a long, long time since I’ve posted a blog on this site, but we are overdue!  I’m going to pass things on to Krista Marrs, Tour Manager for the Dallas-area band “repel the robot,” and a 2011 graduate of Carlsbad High School. Enjoy catching up with Krista!

~ Kyle

What activities were you involved in during your time in Carlsbad?

Extracurricular activities included MESA, Key Club, Band, National Honor Society, and Natural Helpers. I also did a lot of volunteering and kept busy with all the different clubs and AP classes. I held office in all of those organizations at one point or another through high school.

How did you get involved in the band? Tell me how the band started?

The band is made up of 2 guys, Sean Trauth and Jarrett Shaffer from Albuquerque. It’s kind of random but funny story; I actually didn’t know these guys at all until I got a cool job booking entertainment at UNM. Sean was actually my boss and we became friends. He left because he graduated and moved to Texas to start the band full time with Jarrett leaving me behind to take over the organization we worked at.

Around this time (February/March) last year the guys called me up and asked my plans after graduation. Of course, I had no real plans so they asked if I wanted to join the team as their manager. I immediately agreed because I knew this could be an opportunity of a lifetime.

So I graduated May of 2015 and moved to Dallas, TX in September.

What type of music? Where do they play?

They have the perfect music to listen to during the robot invasion.

They have a very unique sound because they don’t like to limit themselves to just one or two genres. They like electronic music, but they’re also rooted in rock and roll. They mix in blues, alternative, indie, and everything in between. It’s always hard to describe their sound and easier to just go listen!

We have been selected to open up for Robert DeLong at Trees in Dallas on 2/19 which is a huge show for us. The guys have definitely played their fair share of bars around Dallas, but also bigger festivals such as SXSW in Austin, TX – Center of the Universe in Tulsa, Oklahoma – Backwoods in Stroud, Oklahoma – KXT Summer Cut in Dallas, TX and they’re scheduled to play some more large festivals internationally, which are currently un-announced.

What’s your job as manager like? Is this a full time thing? 

Managing the band is definitely an interesting experience, and nothing like I thought it would be. I do everything from being their point of contact for venues, to carrying gear, setting up their equipment before a show, making sure they eat and have water on stage, and watching to make sure they don’t fall or get hurt when they jump off stage.

I am there to deal with all the extra stuff that comes up so that they can focus on their music. Sometimes I’ll sell merchandise, other times I take videos/photos for their snapchat or extra footage on the go pro. There are other times I have to work with the sound or lighting tech to make sure they look good on stage.

It’s a blast and I enjoy every moment of the show. I usually try to make it to all their meetings and practices so I’m always in the know with what’s going on. We are a solid team and we make sure that we stay on the page as far as anything we decide to do to promote the band or play shows.

As of right now it’s not full time because we don’t have a lot of shows, but with more shows and more promotion we are working to make it so!

What is something about the band that really makes them stand out?

They have a sound that you don’t hear from every band. They try to make unique music with influences all over the spectrum of genres. They work really hard and they don’t follow the norm. The guys are into doing whatever makes sense for them rather than what they think they should or what is popular…they pretty much do what they want…and they manage to make everything themselves rather than consulting a producer or a PR firm, or otherwise.

What’s your day to day life like when you are on tour?

We have yet to organize a full tour; since I’ve only been in Dallas with the guys as of September 2015 we have only had one-off shows via airplane trips and other closer show destinations. We want to make sure that when we do go out it makes sense financially and promotionally. We know that being in a band is like being in business. We’ve got to make smart decisions because we want to see this last. I am working on putting some shows together, so stay posted for show date announcements via the repel the robot Facebook page!

Explain the name “repel the robot” Is it lowercase?

Why not?

What else are you up to?

They have their EP “[ AKA ]” releasing February 19 on the same day they’re opening for Robert DeLong. They release a video every other Tuesday on YouTube and Facebook so check out all of their mashups, acoustic covers, and crazy things. We’ll be announcing some other shows very soon.

About repel the robot

The band is following up the premiere of “Feels Damn Good” with the official music video for the first track on [ AKA ], “Rebirth.” As the intro track to [ AKA ], the “Rebirth” music video visualizes the band’s growth and transition into a new chapter, while also giving you a glimpse into the bands’ unique live performance. The official music video for “Rebirth” drops on February 9th. You can get an early preview of the video on their YouTube channel here:

Having won JanSport’s 6th Annual Battle of the Bands to perform at SXSW 2015, running through the major festival circuit in 2015, as well as national/international radio play, repel the robot are continuing to make a big mark in the music scene. They have already played alongside bands Panic! At The Disco, American Authors, ODESZA, Belle & Sebastian and Slow Magic.

[ AKA ] releases February 19th on all major digital distribution channels, including iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.
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