Hello and welcome!

I’m Jess- writer, photographer, and marketing consultant for Ad-venture Marketing. I am one of many creative writers contributing to the FocusNM blog series; when you stop by you can expect to see familiar faces and places, as I will be showcasing our community from my perspective. I will also be sharing small pieces of my outlook on life, faith, & kids along with some fun recipes, DIY projects and other creative inspiration. You can read a generic bio about me on our staff page but since you’re doing some browsing I want to take a minute to do a full intro.

I’m a wife and mama to 3 little girls, living a pretty simple life in the land of enchantment. Most days you’ll find me in yoga pants and a ball cap; probably at the soccer fields or chasing my toddler down the grocery isle and always with a baby on my hip. Between our busy schedules and the endless glamorousness of motherhood I enjoy running, hiking, yoga, cooking, and watching Fixer Upper. I love all things creative- art, music, movies, a good book but let’s be honest- I’m an Audible girl because then I can do two things at once.

God has blessed me with a crazy busy life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a go-getter and dream chaser- there isn’t many things that bring me more joy than marking something off of my to do list. In addition to working with FocusNM I’m also a freelance photographer, concentrating my skills in portraits and lifestyle photography. I picked up my first professional camera in 2010 and it changed my life forever. It gave me confidence, a passion and a platform for a career. I feel incredibly grateful that I have a fulfilling, creative profession that allows me to share my gifts and serve others.

Photography started as a way for me to capture and collect memories- each photo I take freezes time for just a moment and to me that is magic. With all of the craziness of life & the world we live in, photography is a continuous reminder for me to live a life in focus. Focused on love. Focused on faith. Focused on family. Instead of letting myself get pulled into the nonsense, I want to be aware and thankful in every moment- gratitude turns what we have (even if it seems like very little) into enough. I am determined to master this mindset. For me, a life in focus is a life well-lived.

I hope you come to this space with an open heart and mind as I share my thoughts with you and that it becomes a place for encouragement and inspiration. I am no professional or any sort of expert- this is just my journey and what I’ve learned in the process. I see this blog as a platform to encourage others to live their best life  & I hope it blesses you in some way.

Thanks for reading!